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You’re in good company when you’re a WATRA Member. You’ll find our Members work in businesses of all sizes, across all industries, all contributing to our State’s economy. And, you’ll find us right there with them – guiding, advising and barracking for them on the issues they tackle every working day.

As a Member you will get access to expertise, resources and insights. We monitor and analyses the ever-changing local and national economic environment so that we’re all better informed. And we stay close to the laws, regulations and proposed Government decisions so that we can put WA business interests at the heart of every aspect of commerce.

International labour

The Centre undertakes expanded  scope of work, by actively organizing workshops, research studies and seminars in collaboration with academic institutions, state governments and international bodies. we conducts research studies which entails monitoring and analysis of the trends and dynamics of international labour market. It has also been contributing towards programs for skill development and skill upgradation to facilitate employment opportunities overseas. We  regularly organises Panel Discussions, Consultations and Conferences to provide a forum for practitioners, policymakers, academicians, researchers, recruiting agents and other relevant stakeholders to come together and deliberate on various themes surrounding international migration.

Main Functions

  1. Build and maintain a database on emerging country/sector specific employment opportunities abroad.
  2. Identify labour supply gaps in overseas labour markets and the skill sets required by Indian workers to fill those gaps.
  3. Initiate programs for skill development and skill upgradation in consultation with professional bodies and the private sector and promote employment opportunities abroad.
  4. Initiate and support the study, monitoring and analysis of the trends and dynamics of international labour market, benchmark the best practices of other labour sending countries and recommend policy initiatives/strategies.
  5. To serve as a ‘think tank’ to devise and execute medium to long term strategies for promoting overseas employment of globally.
  6. To regularly monitor, study and analyze the trends in the International Labour Markets as well as strategies of various labour sending and receiving countries.
  7. To develop and sustain a national strategy to be globally competitive as a labour supplier.
  8. To commission studies on the international labour markets and identify emerging overseas employment opportunities for Indian youth.
  9. To adapt training material developed by International Labour Organization and International Organization for Migration for specific states/country and gender.

Become a Member

Becoming a member represents a valuable contribution towards enabling us to provide a wide range of services for our smaller Member companies, as well as raising the profile of your company. WATRA appreciates the support given by our members, who make a valuable contribution towards enabling us to provide a wide range of services for our smaller member companies.


Joining WATRA is a great way to get connected to companies and individuals involved in global trade and investment. The tradeplatfom play important roles in providing input to policy makers, providing networking opportunities to its members, giving a voice to the industry when it comes to new legislation, and providing relevant tools such as best practices to that particular industry. Members have the benefit of reduced price to attend WATRA’s quality programs and access to our member’s only platform for efficient networking with other members. If you would like to experience the value of belonging to the WATRA community, please complete the application form and begin to take the advantage of what WATRA has to offer. WATRA’s primary objective is to keep our membership informed while maintaining direct contact with the regulatory policy-makers. By joining WATRA you gain direct access to the policy makers who participate in government and international relations. You also gain access to our membership –

Make Valuable Connections

WATRA’s mission is to foster understanding of the issues, practices, information, legislation and trends that affect and influence all aspects of both local and international trade. Our membership includes a broad spectrum of industries interested in and involved with international trade. Our membership, meetings and information are open to all interested parties. Our simple goal is to connect and provide global know-how and resources to its members. WATRA provides international trade information to the organizations and individuals looking to expand their international reach. From trade agreements to export documentation to economic trends and prevailing world issues, WATRA keeps its members “in the know.”

Membership with WATRA enables your company to raise its profile within the local business community and promote your products and services. We keep you informed of business news and issues, and give you a voice in the commercial arena, all of which help you to increase your sales and profits.

Helping Companies Succeed in Today’s Global Economy

WATRA provides critical resources to empower manufacturers, organizations and individuals to succeed globally. Our mission is to foster a better understanding of the issues, practices, information, legislation and trends that affect and influence all aspects of global trade. WATRA membership allows your company to send more than one representative of your company to any of our meetings. Participation provides many benefits to member companies. 

  1. Invitation to WATRA member only seminars and workshops, events & promotions
  2. Preferential access to events sponsored by WATRA’s organizational partners
  3. Access to Members Area for members only tools, resources, and networking
  4. Provide global know-how and information to our members.
  5. Create networking & educational opportunities on a wide variety of international topics. 
  6. Provides current, relevant and vital international trade information and resources.
  7. We exist to guide companies in succeeding in the business of international trade.  
  8. We create networking and educational opportunities for members through monthly meetings and seminars focused on a wide variety of international topics.
  9. We provide a forum for members to share practical ideas relating to international business.
  10. A voice that addresses current export and import regulatory issues through formal correspondence with appropriate regulatory agencies
  11. A forum to offer informal constructive feedback on “proposed” regulations.
  12. An opportunity to benchmark with member companies.
  13. A positive and proactive relationship with government officials through “off the record” dialogue.
  14. WATRA’s reputation for valuable views on international trade issues.
  15. Promote your company by displaying literature at two Members’ Network Lunches
  16. Your company name profiled in the front of the annual Desk Diary/Directory of our Members
  17. Your company noted as Gold member prominently in every issue of Business Intelligence
  18. Receive a special gold membership’s plaque inscribed with your company name, for your reception area

Who Makes Up WATRA

WATRA members include a broad spectrum of Companies interested in and involved with international trade. Member companies include manufacturers, food companies, and services providers such as freight forwarders, banks, and law firms, as well as corporates and governmental institutions.  If you are interested in joining WATRA please fill out the downloadable form below.  Please note that dues are collected on an honor system. We rely on members to accurately represent the size of their organization. Download a *.PDF version of our application form.